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8th Feb, 2009


new winchester brother- oh yes daddy winchester did the dirty, or did he?

i have an article talking about the new winchester brother


you have to read it!

got any ideas about the new winchester

i hope it's not some cruel joke a demon is trying to play because i think a new actor would be good for the show, i know it's about two brothers but sam and dean are loosing their brotherly love maybe a new brother is what they need to make them a family again

also i just watched the latest supernatural episode sex and violence

omg! poor dean and poor sammy!

i can't believe how they really feel about eachother

i get the whole sam going darkside thing but dean being weak?

dean is soo not weak, and then when sam was beating dean in the fight i was like "no dean is supposed to be the muscle thats headstrong and sam is supposd to be the brain that broods but this season they are switching roles and i don't like it" but when dean ran sam through the door i was like "finally here's the real dean brutally strong and hot tempered, just the way i like him"

i'm still curious to see what sams big secret is 

any ideas?


Best time we ever had

so i've decided to post more on LJ even though no-one really cares lol
i've started two vids for kellygirl2002's so happy it's scary competition
i posted a preview of on of them on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmvpysmS7zw
please watch it!

also i read about this poem you can do using your ipod
you put your ipod on shuffel and take the first line from 20 songs and it makes a poem
here's mine
i think it's a little stalker-ish: 
All the small things, true care truth brings
I can’t sleep no, not like I used to
Am I alone in your heart?
Breaking my back just to know your name
It starts with one thing, I don’t know why
I sit and think about the day that your gonna die
I linger in the door way
Settle for a world neither up or down
Now I will tell you what I’ve done for you
I hear a voice say don’t be so blind
When everything is going wrong
Did I wake you, were you sleeping?
Seems like just yesterday
What strangled smile fell form your face
This time this place, misused mistakes
I can’t help my self
I was so high I did not recognise
Life’s like a road you travel on
Those times I waited for you
No sleep, no sleep until I’m done finding the answer


6th Feb, 2009


random stuff

LJ turns 10 on the day i turn 16!

yay April 11th has to be the best day this year

not looking forward to valentines day, it sucks when you've got no-one to spend it with.

roses are spiky and violets give me a headache

pessimism  is an art!

i'm in a random mood , only been to school for 1 and 1/2  days this week cos of the snow and i think my brain cells are starting to die

ok this is getting a little morbid

probably cos i've not seen my mates who always keep me hyper all week long

were did the friday feeling go?

not looking forward to monday, cut school for half the day and so i wonder what my teachers will say.


oh well this has been iona

over and out

god i'm such a freak

10th Jan, 2009


ahhh GCSE's!

ok so i'm in my last year of school and i'm doing my GCSE's (if you don't live in england they are my end of school exams and i have to do well in them so that i can get into college/ get a job)
they are really stressing me out and as of next week i have loads of exams and revision to do!

so this unfortunately means that almost every hour i spend not at school i will spend doing school work or sleeping (because recently i have been sooo tired and you porbably didn't need to know that but all the same it's true)
this also means i will not be able to make vids or update as often as i would like (*sobs*).

i hope everybody understands because i would hate to let everyone down and i really wouldn't be doing this unless i had to and i really do so... 
again i really am sorry

oh and if any can give me any pointers on how to use LJ i would be forever grateful




7th Jan, 2009



ok so i'm not very good at LJ and i've never used it before but vimeo and imeem are going down the same road as YT so i'm going to start posting here (if i can get the hang of it)

feel free to add me as a friend and comment etc...

i'd love to here from you